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Some of my thoughts......

12th May 2010 - Easter is over

Well Easter is over and kids are back at school. This means that my daughter won't be glued to her laptop for most of the day, and will actually be speaking to people face to face. At one stage during the holidays my wife and I floated the idea of a 3 hour limit per day internet use, but this was met with,

"Well what am I going to do for the rest of the day then?"

"Go out and meet your friends"

"But they’re all on their laptops".... She has a point!

It did get me thinking, what did we do before the internet and in particular broadband came along?

Lost the instructions for your Sky box/ tv /home cinema system? Go on-line.

Recognise an actress in a TV show and want to know where from? Go on line and look her up in IMDB.

Recipe for banoffee pie?

You get the gist, the list is endless....

Modern life is so dependant on the internet that it's difficult to imagine how we could exist without it. For every business large or small a web presence is essential. It doesn't matter whether the business is on or off-line the simple fact is that for most people, if they are looking for a service or product their first port of call is the World Wide Web. It is there for essential that businesses commit to designing a professional web site that is fully optimised so that the major search engines can find it.

‘We produce well thought through, standards compliant, fully optimised web sites that not only look good in the studio but work in the real world’