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Too often web sites are built with most of the attention focused on how they look and what they say. This is very commendable, but looking good and sounding great doesn’t count for much if nobody can find your web site and admire your beautiful designs.

Beware of SEO companies offering you instant results and top rankings in Google, as both these promises can be difficult to fulfil. Good search engine optimisation doesn't come easy, it involves research, planning and, due to the way that Google et al work, ranking results may take weeks to become apparent.

SEO can be split into 2 distinct areas, Organic search and Paid Per Click search.

Organic search refers to the results you see on the left hand side of the search engine results page. These are derived from optimising your web site with well chosen keywords (amongst other variables) which then match what the user was searching for.

Paid Per Click search refers to the process of paying the search engine to rank highly for a specific keyword or phrase. These results appear on the right of the search engine results page, and it is possible if you bid a high enough amount to rank number 1 for any given word or phrase. Being Google Adwords certified, we are well placed to advise you on all aspects of your PPC campaign.

Whether you are building a web site from scratch or just looking to improve your on-line presence we can help. Using our proven 3 stage approach to search engine optimisation we will be able to raise your on-line profile and drive customers to your web site.

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"The key to great Search Engine Optimisation is well written, standards compliant HTML liberally sprinkled with a selection of well researched keywords. Remember this and good rankings will follow."