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The design process can be split into 3 distinct phases:


Each web site we produce will start of as a design in a graphics package. Typically we will provide you with up to 3 ideas before committing any resources to the web site build itself. It is at this stage we will start to give thought to the content of each page and start considering search engine optimisation.


The build process is as consultative as the design phase of the project. We will at intervals meet with you to review, refine and improve your site as we progress. No page will be signed off until you are happy with the look and feel.

Test, Test & Test Again

All our work (both CSS and HTML) is W3C standards compliant. For each project we will test in the following browsers, IE 6.0 and above, Opera, Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla based browsers. The acid test for us is whether if all style rules & sheets were dropped from the pages would each page still be displayed in a readable format.

Web Site Design Best Practice

"Remember the user is King (or Queen). If you make your web site design uninviting they will vote with a click of their mouse"